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Wednesday, 27 June 2007


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The thought of seeing another net solar absorption isobar is almost enough to make one into an ardent HAF. Except after one has spent a collage course reading about then in poorly translated Russian or accurately translated poorly written Russian or both, I really wonder how man could have enough effect to create extreme Global warming.

Can you publish a list of links to these stories?

No, 'NIB', because I lift the bare statistics straight from the regional pages of the BBC News site on a day-by-day basis. However, I keep a brief written log of them and the story concerning the 14-year old murdered by a gang was reported on Monday morning so it probably occurred on Sat or Sun of the weekend 23/24 June. It took place in Beckenham, south London.

Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-S. That's all you need to do, David.

I am assuming that you are trying to be helpful, 'NIB', but I haven't the faintest idea what all that means. However, I did just find this and you should read the little box in the centre of the page detailing 7 murders in London in the last 8 days; 5 stabbed, 2 shot:

I was suggesting you could copy the links into a document as you go, and post it here. I'm not accusing you of making stuff up, but I do believe it to be imperative that you
offer up complete disclosure of your source material for critical assessment.

I *have* 'offered up complete disclosure of my source material', 'NIB', so if you want to check it , go look for yourself instead of wasting my time.

Oooh - touchy.

"Thanks for the suggestion, but sorry, I didn't think of that and it's too late now" might have been a more graceful response.

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