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Thursday, 14 June 2007


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Are you including the woman shot in Sevenoaks?

Oh bugger! You back from your holidays, then, 'NIB'? Not that we didn't miss you!

No, I didn't read any report of a woman being shot in Sevenoaks.

It's this case, I think he means.

Not sure it really meets your criteria, although I suppose 'the death arose directly because of deliberate actions by third parties' would be one way of describing 'getting yourself shot by police because you refused to stop waving a pistol around in the street'....

Only 'NIB' ...


Just counting the bodies.

Off again now.

Although while I'm here, it might be worth adding her to the total, because the inquiry isn't over yet.

As you say, "Never mind the legal jargon, just count the bodies!"

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