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Tuesday, 05 June 2007


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My Granddad is furious - he says if he knew then what he knew now, he'd have fought for the Nazis.

Like the SS badge? Really?

Look again, Ratty, at the top left and bottom right, zi-zag shapes. Then look at this:

And I'm not the only one, I heard some one on the radio describe it as looking like a swastica on speed!

It must be our ages, David. My immediate reaction too was "It's the SS". Vee haff vays of makink you attend zee Games.

I tell you one thing, Dearieme, it would take an SS division to get me to watch a competition designed to test whether our drug addicts can do better than their drug addicts!

[First paragraph deleted by me for the reason that Mr. Bananas makes clear in his second paragraph below. Thankfully, the school bell went so he was unable to write anything further.]

All marketing organisations should have someone with as puerile a mind as mine working for them, and this is why.

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