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Friday, 13 July 2007


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I'm agnostic about global warming myself - I only have a basic understanding of key scientific principles.

On the other hand, I would've thought you'd love environmentalists - all of you scour the web for news that confirms your firm belief that the end of the world is imminent.

You seem to think it's going to come at the hands of yobs and foreigners, whereas the greenies think it's man's iniquity that will do us in.

Any thoughts?

"Any thoughts?"

My first thought, 'Ratty', is who the hell blogs at 1.40 am? My second thought was, who is this "all of you" that you refer to? I only ever speak or write on behalf of me ... ME, ME, ME!

I, too, have only the sketchiest scientific knowledge; and I, too, was agnostic on the subject until I began to read Climate Audit, Real Climate and Deltoid (amongst others) in an effort to understand both sides of the argument. Within a very few weeks I was convinced that the theories put forward by the HAFs was shot through with errors and bad, if not downright malignant, scientific bad practice.

If you (or anyone else) wants a quick and easily understood critique of just *one* of the HAFs' most basic assumptions, have a scroll down Anthony Watts's blog:

with its photographs of the temperature recording sites in the USA upon which some of the so-called increase in global temperatures is based. You don't need a Nobel prize in physics to look at a photograph!

Then you can let me have *your* thoughts - which are always welcome.

"I only ever speak or write on behalf of me ... ME, ME, ME!"

...and any similarites with Mark Steyn's writings are, of course, purely coincidental.

'NIB the Obscure', for once, puts it exactly.

Obscure? You're not *still* fuming about that joke you didn't understand, surely?

Hardly, 'NIB', not least because I can't even remember what joke you are referring to - no, no, please don't tell it aain, I'm sure it was a side-splitter.

who the hell blogs at 1.40 am?

People who have just got home from the pub - chucking out time is a civilised 1.15 am on weekends, with some of them open 'til 2.30.

So, do you think that you and the hardcore greenies are cut from the same humanity-despising cloth?

Good grief, 'Ratty', you're no more coherent at quarter past five in the afternoon than you are at 1.30 in the morning! You will have to explain that last sentence to me; or not, if you think it better left for dead!

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