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Friday, 14 September 2007


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""As so often happens, the presence of a knife at the scene caused you to act immediately and fatally"."

So, in all those cases where people are kicked, punched and battered to death with bare hands and feet, what's to blame then, according to this stellar legal intellect....?

No, don't tell me.....society, I bet!

"The blade itself incites to violence."

Obviously Judge Mettyear was a classisist as well as a plonker!

This case has made Navarone look like a bad person when really he isn't. Nobody knows him for who he is they just know what he done and judge him on that! Navarone is one of the nicest people we know and for that reason i am leaving this comment, never judge a book by its cover !! To me this was a case of self defense, if Navarone hadn't done what he done it could have been him who lost his life! And for the person

Alexandra, welcome (even if you're a tad late!) to Duff & Nonsense.

You raise a point, in fact several points that I would rather deal with in a full post than a comment. I will try and do this tomorrow, so please fell free to comment again when you see it.

you lot are sad, all you like to do is be nosey and like to hear the latest gossip. dont judge him if you dont know him.
he's a good person deep down like alexander said, i was brought up with him since i was a baby, and all i know he did'nt intend on stabbing the other guy. it was a case of self defense!
and i know all of you are going 2 say well he shouldn't of bin carrying a knife!
well if you know what actually goes on in the younger generation's life's you would understand why most young people carry them.
come on dont point fingers at 1 individual. yeah he made a wrong judgement, but think about it know 1's perfect and every one has made a wrong decision in there life,(you might say but we've never stabbed someone before) most of the population hasen't, and yeah its not something where he intended on doing it. its not as if he stabbed paul costa repeatidly. and intentions of murdering him because he didnt! anyway i've said my bit hes a good person deep down and a good friend, and loves his family alot so all the people that say its his up bringing its not.

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