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Tuesday, 11 September 2007


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Are you aware that Martin Bell is Oliver Kamm's uncle?

Maybe you are, and are merely teasing us.

I vaguely remembered that they might have been related but being unsure of the relationship I decided not to mention it. And not that it alters the main point of my post.

To be clear David, dimwits like me and the FR got it right. You and Kamm got it wrong, and at least you have had the honesty to admit it.

As for Kamm, given that even someone as feeble-minded as yourself is able to spot the hopelessness of his argument is, that rather throws into doubt his status as "highly intelligent, articulate and learn-ed", wouldn't you say?

Larry, no one enjoys our knockabout act more than me but in retrospect my remark concerning you and 'Ratty' was not so much a cheap shot as a bargain-basement, clearance sale shot, and I apologise for it. I like to think that my insults are of a slightly higher standard than that!

As to your main point, let me put it in a mathematical context which might assist you. Were I to solve a quadratic equation (which would have to be *after* you had explained to me what a quadratic equation is!) you would rightly dismiss it as a bit of a fluke and a proof that no-one is entirely stupid all the time. However, were you to catch out, say, Paul Dirac putting a decimal point in the wrong place you would be slightly shocked but if he went on to defend the error, you would be distressed that a man worthy of admiration was persisting in folly. Of course, in my post I was writing of politics so the ultra exact world of mathematics is not, perhaps, an ideal analogy, but I'm sure you take my point.

I apologise for it

Cor, bloody hell - that's totally disarmed me. Well, there's a first time for everything... Accepted I guess.

I'm sure you take my point

Not really David, no. You seem to be drawing an analogy in which I am compared to you, Oliver Kamm is compared to Paul Dirac, and the invasion of Iraq is compared to a typographical error. I can't decide which of these I object to the most.

That's always the trouble with analogies - never exact, are they?

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