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Sunday, 07 October 2007


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Congratulations to you and the "Memsahib'!

And many more!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, Hank, I do feel a Long Service & Good Conduct medal is in order but according to the little 'Memsahib', I'm still on basic training!

Mind you, it's pretty brave to put on a play that invites comparison with such a wonderful film. Like putting on My Fair Lady.

Thing is, 'DM', the musical pre-dates the film but the film is an example of Hollywood out-performing Broadway. I am waiting to receive a DVD of the film to refresh my memory of it but I don't think I will ever forget the shiver I had when all those handsome young Bavarian people in an idyllic setting began singing "Tomorrow belongs to me" - one of the great cinematic images, I think.

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