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Tuesday, 16 October 2007


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James Gandolfini [ducks]

Thank you, 'NIB', I have corrected it.

If only you confined yourself to useful comments!

Thanks. They do look like brothers though - they surely share the same tuber.

Bloody Hell, Duff, are you my long-lost brother? We watched the prog too, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not everyone got the point of the film, though. I commented at work one day that we'd been to see it. A colleague asked how I'd liked it. "I laughed and laughed", I said. "Oh", he said, "yes, I suppose it is a comedy."

Your long lost brother? I don't think so, 'DM', but it has to be confessed that Mrs. Duff Snr. was a little bit naughty, but even so, I think I'm the only result!

As for the film, it is quite brilliant. Even watching that documentary on it, I picked up one or two references I had missed before - but that's Stoppard for you! When I saw it first time, I caused some embarrassment to the 'Memsahib' and friends by rocking the whole row of seats because I was laughing so hard.

I have become more of a movie-goer in later life and I do reckon that anything under the Miramax label is at least worth checking out.

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