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Monday, 29 October 2007


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And straight onto mine, too, David, though much more for this post:

than the one you recommended.

(Sighs deeply) What's a chap to do? I really don't think I can bring myself to vote Tory, but the Broon and his Broon-ites make me gag. He's so obviously out of his depth it's just tragic. When you think he's been after this job for at least 12 years, and has behaved fairly disgracefully in pusuit of it, you'd think he'd actually have some kind of game plan, wouldn't you? The ghastly parade of time-servers and arse-lickers that he has promoted just make me despair. The fact that the Home Secretary of the UK is now a woman who likes to be known as Jacqui kind of says it all. I wonder if she has any tattoos? As for the Millibands - heaven help us. They make Peter Lilley look like a statesman. Actually, scratch that - Lilley was far worse. But there is something oddly robotic about them. I get the feeling that if you chucked a bucket of water over one of them, they'd start to rotate on the spot whilst emitting sparks. Sheesh!

Note to self: must buy gun soon.

Guess I'll just have to join the massed ranks of the abstainers, as democracy in this country finally disappears up the nose of an Old Etonian. (Now, one of my best friends is an OE, so nothing against them per se. He was actually at school with Boris. Suffice to say, I'd take up arms before I'd vote for Bozzer or Dazzer.)

Sorry, Andy, slight delay in responding not unconnected to the wishes and desires of the little 'Memsahib' who must be obeyed at the risk of being used as a practice dummy for her karate!

Anyway, I'm glad you like 'Prodicus' who is a lively fellow and a good read. The problem with all these pols is that until they are in a crisis one simply cannot tell how good or bad they are. 'Black' Brown (the appellation will be explained in a forthcoming post that is festering within) is obviously 'unfit for purpose' having failed in his first major test. 'Tremblin' Dave', on the other hand, in a state of sheer funk suddenly found a pile of mouldering policies in the cupboard under the stairs and in a what he thought was a last throw of the dice, placed them on the table and bet the deeds of the house on them. He won, but, his test is now beginning. Will he have the guts and the intellectual honesty to press on with them? If he does, he deserves the top job; if he doesn't, can anyone tell me if that deal is still on offer for £10 if you emigrate to Australia?

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