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Thursday, 25 October 2007


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Aaah, bless them, I guess splintering and sub-splintering and re-forming gives them something to do - they're f all use for anything else.

Still, I'm glad you found something to cheer you up after that drubbing in the 'me, a racist?' debacle. Absolutely vintage comedy, that was.

"...And, oh, the wailing and gnashing of teeth...."

Yes, 'Harry's Place' has been featuring virtually nothing else for the past few days. I've seen it referred to as 'car crash politics' but if so, it's a totally foreseen car crash, as well as a thoroughly well deserved one.

I need to get in some more popcorn for the next round! ;)

Still having problems reading, then, 'NIB'!

'Atta' girl, Julia! I do like people who like blood sports!

Well, more of a grim necessity than a sport, to be honest.

A bit like rough shooting, or vermin eradication... ;)


"Still having problems reading"

Ooof, my sides! It's the way you tell 'em Dave!

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