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Sunday, 28 October 2007


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Of all the 60s reforms that were claimed to be liberal, the only one that was both indubitably liberal and, in my view, an undoubted good thing, was the decriminalising of homosexual acts.

I would agree with that even if, through gritted teeth, I am forced to watch the metropolitan homosexual lobby drive the whole thing into areas never dreamt of by the reformers.

When did you turn into Julian Clary, David?

I'm sure you'd hate to watch (through your gritted teeth?) as the homosexuals drive the whole thing into areas never dreamt of by reformers.

If you'd like to test the grittedness of your teeth, I'm told there are plenty of sites where you can see that sort of thing for free...

Well done, 'Ratty', you started my day with a chuckle. In retrospect, not perhaps the happiest choice of words. Still, it takes a dirty-minded, oats-chewing Jock like you to spot it!

Made me laugh, though.

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