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Saturday, 20 October 2007


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Yeah but the BSO still aren't a patch on the Dixie Chicks....

I like the way that the Fifth starts with:
Yes, yes, yes, no.


Useless.....Never in a million years!

What other collective device can, at the same moment, bring a tingle to the back of your neck, tears to your eyes, and a certain stiffening of the spine?

I would take issue with your choice of the 'Greatest' as my own personal preference is the slow movement of the 'Emperor' piano concerto, but the 5th is a close second!

Mr. Gooseburger ... on second thoughts I won't bother!

'DM', yes, what an opening! However, never having *seen* it before, what fun watching the normally sedate, not to say, ponderous, double-bass section going at it like Gypsy fiddlers! I managed a word with their leader afterwards and offered the thought that he and his boys and girls had really earned their money that night and he nodded, tiredly, and said that for them, this was the big one.

Mike, you are entirely right - and wrong - but it's my fault! My post was rather slap-dash and I should have made clear that the symphony orchestra *produces* nothing and a trained economist would dismiss it as of no value. But, of course, you are right. Where else would you get the sort of heightened emotional rush that the very best of classical music can provide - but only via the excellent good offices of a top-rate symphony orchestra.

"Regrets, I have few", as the old song has it, but one of my main ones is my lack of musical knowledge. I may have mentioned this before, but my music master at school once wrote on my report, "These lessons consist mostly of listening, a habit Duff has not yet mastered" before giving me a mark of 8%! Poor man, he never knew that he had actually succeeded with me because one day he made us all listen to "Vltava" by Smetana and at the ripe old age of 14+/- I realised that I liked classical music. Couldn't be bothered to do much about it then but it stuck, and later I indulged and have had so much pleasure from it since. So, here's to you Mr. Stannard!

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