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Friday, 12 October 2007


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(NB: This comment was left by Simon Metz as #44 on a long (and tedious) thread attached to my post "The morgues are overflowing and the liberals are beginning to catch a whiff". As he has made an effort to begin a sensible conversation I have moved it up here.)

"Well, I might move this on, then, as the impass is becoming somewhat irritating.

So, what's the body count? 500? That's bad. LEt's say by the end of the year it hits last year's figures. It probably won't. Do we have a problem Britain? Yeah. Is it getting worse? No. Murder rates have fallen year on year since 2003. Despite the rise before 2003, including during the lefty Thatcher era, things appear to be improving. What should we do about our problem? Find out what Labour's implemented since 2003 and support it, perhaps. Find out what has changed in the economy and how this affects social marginalisation and associated violent crime? Post BBC soties on a blog?

You can't chart the decline of a nation with BBC hits, David. A longitudinal study of actual crime figures versus media reporting would show less homicide but more media reporting of it - we all know this and I suspect Teabag and Hosehorse and the other pseudonymic guests here know that you know this. Therein lies their suspicion of your motives in compiling these figures.

Have we got a problem Britain? Yes. What should we do about it? Well, certainly not compiling BBC stories on a blog.

And there's no point throwing 600 bodies at people and expecting their reaction to be such that they'd have no arguments against it, they'd submit and agree that throwing one more obody into the pile for each person killed would sove the problem. You were right all along, David, sorry. You thought that would happen, it didn't. Try something else.

Try this: Find anywhere - ANYWHERE - where the use of the death penalty today is reducing the crime is is intended to deter. ANYWHERE, David. Then we can debate."
Simon Metz 12/10

This is my amateur effort....

Tautological, Mr Duff.

I wonder why so many more men than women are murdered.

I wonder why so many more men than women are murdered.

Same reason why the majority of amateur boxing you see on the streets at night involves male participants, I think.

How strange that Simon interpreted this post as having something to do with the death penalty. Is there something you're not telling us, David?

Simon, I have responded to your reasoned comment, for which thanks, in a seperate post above.

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