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Thursday, 11 October 2007


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I love your irony re TypePad being subject to spamming, particularly in light of all the unsolicited and meaningless drivel you spout in the Blogspot world....


Thanks for that, David. I though my eyes (or memory) were failing me, as I was sure it wasn't that hard to see last time I posted!

I see Mr Goosemeatball isn't an AI construct after all, there goes that theory.....

"Mr Goosemeatball isn't an AI construct".

Love it!

See, Mr. Gosseburger, that's wit, that is, unlike your heavy-handed effort.

Slightly less OT here than below: Alan Howard was wonderful decades ago in "Wild Oats". Amateurs might make a good fist of it.

'DM', Alan Howard was part of the reason I took up theatre in my middle-age. I took my son to see Richard II because it was his 'O'-level play, as it had been mine years before. The last time I had seen Shakespeare it was all wrinkly tights and cut-out 'woodland' that trembled everytime some one walked by! I came out of that production stunned to unbelieving silence. What a production! What an actor! And what a voice - the bastard - why can't he share it?!

See, Mr. Gosseburger, that's wit, that is

Yeah, I love how JuliaM replaced "burger" with "meatball". Hilarious! Because a burger is like a meatball! Only less ball-shaped and a bit flatter. Just like Elmer! Oh, JuliaM, you card.

I also like how David went one better and replaced "Goose" with "Gosse", the French colloquialism for "kid". HA HA! Please stop.

Sorry, Clem, I can take no credit for wit or linguistics, my "Gosse" was a typo! Anyway, perhaps now you have that all off yur chest you can lighten up a little.

"Lighten up"!


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