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Monday, 05 November 2007


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All is not lost. First I got my daughter to listen to some Ella & Louis, then she betook herself to a string recital. One at a time, David.

Oh, and here's a Beatle tackling a nice little tune of an earlier era:-

Oh boo-hoo-hoo. What a lot of crappy self-pitying and griping.

And nonsense too. Loads of people listen to classical music. But it's much more fun to make up apocalyptic nonsense about "the sad death of music and culture". Makes you feel as if you're making an important observation about the world, rather than just futile whinging about "kids today" in the way that miserable old sods have done since the time of Hesiod.

Ahhhh, but Larry, you must understand while us youngsters might listen to classical music and even play it, we don't do to those things as well as David's generation. If anything, our ham-fisted 'liberal' attempts to appreciate the classics are cheapening them and the sooner we're all either put in work camps or hanged, the better.

I don't know about all that, but the new Pig Destroyer record fuckin ROCKS.

I must express my deep gratitude to Mr. 'Frontbottom' for introducing me to that exemplar of modern music, "Pig Destroyer", a group whose fame, I must confess, has so far eluded me, and indeed, of whose very existence I had hitherto been blissfully unaware. However, thanks to his comment I am able, for the, er, benefit of my readers, to reproduce one of their lyrics from a 'song' entitled "Endgame":

"such the delicate locust without your wings have you ceased to threaten me a
hundred knifings later there's so much blood so little of anything else for you
i played the endgame as the pawn toppled for the queen's pleasure."

Need I, or Mr. Steyn, or, were he able from the after-life, Prof. Bloom, say any more? I think not.

'DM', your daughter is a lucky young lady to have a father who can at least point her towards the finer things of life rather than the merely crapulous. One of the things I liked about that George Harrison track was the very obvious enjoyment of the band, so unlike, I suspect, the angst-ridden piglets of "Pig Destroyer".

Hey, glad you dug it, Duffdude. Check out their new video>here!

Turn that shit up, baby!


Mr. 'Frontbottom', there are no words to express my feelings for that, er, performance which could be described in every sense of the word as 'stunning'! I urge my readers to sample it, especially Dr. 'Teabag' and 'NIB' who, I think in a very real sense, deserves it.

I'll watch the video just as soon as you clarify whether I am supposed to enjoy it or not. I wouldn't want to inadvertently commit a thought-crime, would I Commissar Duff?

No, no, 'NIB', my dear fellow, you go right ahead and don't forget to follow Mr. 'Frontbottom's' instruction to turn the sound full on, I think it's right up your 'strasse', I really do! And such witty, er, lyrics!

"...there are no words to express my feelings for that"

That's why they invented the devil horns, baby.

Quite so, um, Baby, er, right on, and all that sort of thing.

I do quite like Pig Destroyer and that sort of thing, but I'm increasingly getting into stuff like The Boredoms. I'd be interested in Frank's and Davids's opinions (especially if David can resist the obvious joke)...

Originally, Larry, I had intended to play along with the joke but frankly, after watching those talentless, semi-brain-dead morons screeching like chimps in a zoo at a bunch of totally brain-dead morons ("totally" because they actually parted with money to listen to that), I am now deeply depressed. Not the least of the causes of my depression is that watching that spectacle drove me another reluctant millimetre closer towards praying for the dhimmification of the West by the East.

That's certainly an eccentric reaction. Especially since the band in question are Japanese.

Maybe you'll like Venetian Snares better. No screaming I promise. Even if you don't like the music, the video should cheer you up anyway.

Well, it might have done, I like Tom and Jerry, but the damn film flickered about so much I couldn't bear to watch it. The 'music', needless to say, was atrocious which still leaves it streets ahead of "The Boredoms".

The Boredoms stuff is good fun, Larry. Have you seen the clips of the thing they did in the summer in New York with the 77 drummers all playing together under Brooklyn Bridge? Check it out:>the Boadrum.

Also, this">">this clip from 2006 is cool. Apparently he's using a "light theremin" at the start.

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