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Monday, 26 November 2007


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This story just adds to my feeling that I am in fact in a waking nightmare or part of a mass hallucination. Not content with trousering enormous sums in expenses and a vastly over-inflated wage, they now want us to pay for their leaflets and shoddy party political broadcasts.

If any of them felt that strongly about anything other than staying in power they'd donate to their party out of their vast salaries. If my memory serves me correctly they get about £60,000 p/a. A perfectly reasonable standard of living is possible on only £30,000 of that leaving them with a whopping £30,000 to give to their beloved cause each year. I might drop my MP a line suggesting this to see how he wriggles out of it.

Quite right, Clairwil.

However, I feel my readers deserve an apology given my choleric outburst last night. Alas, it was my usual downfall - dry martinis! I had mixed a large-ish jug for friends on Saturday night but they, sensibly, stuck to white wine (bloody socialists, tree-huggers and poofters, the lot of them!) which left me with a considerable surplus despite my own heroic efforts! I had some more of it on Sunday night but last night I tried to finish it off and there was rather more in the jug than I had reckoned. Anyway, I was in rather a mellow mood when I sat down to supper which was instantly ruined by that ghastly creep McShane on the TV. My fury required the addition of several glasses of a fairly hefty Rioja to steady my pulse rate, but then up pops Mr. Jack 'Smiley-Smirky' Shaw, at which point I erupted once more. Anyway, sorry for being quite so rude and allowing my language to revert to the barrack-room from whence I came!

Oh don't worry, if anything the drink probably mellowed you! That story is enough to send anyone into a murderous rage.

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