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Friday, 23 November 2007


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Just enjoy the piano on this, David.

Fantastic! And Mugsy Spanier - I cannot believe how many years it has been since I have even heard his name mentioned, let alone hear him play. And what a terrific slow, lazy, swinging rhythm.

By the way, who was the pianist? Any idea?

Joe Bushkin

Thanks, 'DM', a new name to me but I've just Googled him and he has quite a pedigree.

"During one concert, Judy Garland introduced Bushkin as “a musician’s musician, but he plays awfully pretty for the people,”


"Bushkin performed and recorded with such jazz and big band greats as Fats Waller, Eddie Condon and Billie Holiday. As a member of the Tommy Dorsey band, he co-wrote the hit “Oh! Look at Me Now” with John DeVries. The song launched the career of a young Frank Sinatra, the band’s vocalist."

Not the least of his achievements, he joined up in 1942 and rose to the rank of Master Sergeant.

It must have ben a bit of a bugger being pianist for Fats Waller. A bit like being odious, ingratiating turd for T Blair.

As always, 'DM', you put it beautifully and exactly!

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