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Wednesday, 21 November 2007


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And do you ever dwell on the thought of, say, how many African villages and South American shanty towns could have been provided with fresh water for the same money and thus saved the lives of too many children to count - and still have change left over?

Presumably the children could use the change to hire babysitters, since their parents would have all died from AIDS.

No, Merkur, because, if you haven't picked up the news, the AIDs scare was just that - a scare. Yes, of course, many people had it (and still do) but not anywhere near the 'zillions' that the 'experts' told us to expect. And most of the African governments simply counted everyone who was suffering with a head cold or athlete's foot or worse and called it AIDs after multiplying the total by their President's birthday in order to come up with a sufficiently huge number to keep Western 'experts' happy - after all, those Western experts depended on really big numbers to keep their gravy train running - see "M. Peter Piot, a Belgian scientist(!) and boss of the UN AIDs agency", passim.

Now, there-in lies a lesson for you, Merkur. The next time some prat like Al Gore tells you that the end of the world is nigh, start counting your spoons!

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