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Sunday, 04 November 2007


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"I found a wood-burning fire in an old oil drum with a billycan suspended above it full of water but with three bits of wood floating in it. Mentally sneering at these 'Oirish' oiks and their dreadful lack of basic hygiene, I instantly threw the wood out ... I didn't know that if you boiled water over a wood fire it attracted the taste of wood smoke and that the way round it was to throw in some pieces of wood which attracted the smoke to themselves and left the water tasting clear."

Here we have anecdotal evidence that bigotry and racism are often the product of simple ignorance and a false sense of superiority.

Indeed, so, 'V10', but some of what you call "bigotry and racism" is *not* based on "simple ignorance and a false sense of superiority", but instead, is based on knowledge, bitter experience and a well-deserved sense of superiority. To give you but one example, just ask any elderly Jews you come across with fading numbers tattooed on their arms what they think of the Aryan race!

I think we can safely rule out any genocidal activity in the case at hand, so I'll consider that the relevant part of your comment ends after "Indeed".

In which case, 'V10', I can safely assume that absolutely *none* of your original comment has any relevance given the fact that my post contained absolutely no "bigotry and racism" at all.

Seeing "bigotry and racism" where-ever you go is an affliction you share with others and for which there is no known cure, it being impossible, so far, to inject people with common sense!

You have conflated Irishness with oikdom and poor hygiene.

Similarly, you have conflated Duffishness with stupidity and hopelessly erroneous snap judgments based on nationality.

I forgot to add to my medical prognostication the impossibility of injecting some people with a sense of humour. Regrettably, the condition is not terminal but it can lead to terminal boredom in others. The best response is to keep the patient isolated in quarantine where he can talk to himself, a habit of verbal onanism he will quickly come to enjoy!

The "laughing with/laughing at" distinction is pertinent here.

No, in your case it's just "laughing"!

Duff, one of your most tragic afflictions is a total inability to identify a joke unless it has a big fat exclamation mark on the end. Oscar Wilde you ain't, Chuckles.

Just as well I'm not, according to *your* estimation of me - Wilde was an 'Oirish' bugger, which 'thank the Lord I'm not, Sir'!


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