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Friday, 07 December 2007


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When they compare Scotland vs England, do you think that they might really be comparing Brits vs non-Brits?

You might say that, 'DM', I couldn't possibly comment'!

Yes, the lady in question is now no longer in my life. Just the biting wind, Partick Thistle and large quantities of lager to give my life meaning...........

As for the declining population, can you send us all your Poles and Czechs? You see, I'm reliably informed that if they aren't born with a football at their feet, then they most certainly have Castrol R coursing through their veins and make for rather good Speedway riders.

Commiserations, 'Ill Man', I had no desire to touch a sore spot. You must approach SoD (Son of Duff) for information on all things female and East European. As for Partick, what can one say, 4th in their division but 15 points behind the leaders - oh, dear, another sore point, I guess. Ah, well, with comforting friends like me, who needs enemies?

Ah, if only the Blind Winger were around, he'd see us alright. As for the Jags, this season is a practice run. All systems go for 2008/09.

I have news for you. I am due to be Aunty Clairwil in a matter of weeks. The bad news for you is that my little niece or nephew will be brought up in sunny London and is the product of a Scottish and Irish partnership.

'Auntie Clairwil'

It has a certain ring to it..........

Congratulations missus!

So it's true! My long-held belief that the Scots, far from being a nation of explorers and soldiers, are actually a bunch of wankers, because there's not an awful lot left for, well, the other!

Clairwil, apologies, I forgot to respond to your good news. 'Aunthood' all the pleasures and none of the nappies!

Mike, not only but also, consider the problems of the kilt and dangling, unencumbered male genitalia swinging free to all the elements, to say nothing of the gorse bushes! Need I say more?

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