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Tuesday, 22 January 2008


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"Global Warming" was a term first coined by a BBC Journalist in the 70s. Sorry but I cannot find a link (or shred of evidence).

It was proposed as a theory to combat global cooling. I.e. the world is cooling down but hopefully if humans create enough Co2 then it should keep us warm.

It is possibly why "global warming" is used as a term to describe human behaviour affecting climate.

Therefore a person would not be a hypocrite if they were to state that they don't believe in global warming, but they do believe that the earth is warming up.

I believe the earth is warming up, I just don't believe that human beings have any part in it. If anyone needs proof that the temperature of the earth fluctuates, they need only to look at the seasons.

And if anyone doubts the effects of the sun on the planet, then they are welcome to put on their beach clothes and sunbath on my balcony at night.

Welcome back, Alex. Actually, according to what I have been reading recently (and in so far as I understand it, which is a struggle for a non-scientist like me), we are possibly entering a cooling period. I gather that the sun has just stood on its head again, by which I mean that from time to time it switches polarity (or what was once up is now down and south is now north - or something like that), anyway, that has an effect on solar activity and is likely to lower temperatures on earth. I can't prove it, but I agree with you that the sun is likely to be far and away the main driving force for our globe's climate.

With you there Duff.

Regardless of whether it's going to get hotter or colder I think we have to treat it like we treat an airplane crash or a meteor strike, unfortunate but nothing we can do about it.

Of course we should all recycle and not be wasteful but that's just good stewardship.

"Stewardship" - what an excellent word! Of course, that is exactly the right approach, but conducted in way that is sensitive to poorer people who need cheap food and energy. Just today we have had sundry Eurofanatics pontificating on how they intend to raise the price of energy for Europeans because, of course, they, themselves, can well afford such increases but they never give a thought to the less well off who can ill afford such a drain on their meagre resources.

Anyway - stewardship - I like that!

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