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Monday, 28 January 2008


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The BBFC is funded by the film makers.

Many of whom are in receipt of government/arts council grants, to say nothing of the fact that the price of running an organisation which appears to have no purpose is added on to the price of the tickets.

Done three today. Tax returns, not gory murders.

That's your problem, 'DM', no sense of priorities!

Driller Killer is a good example of a rotten film which only ever became famous because some know-it-all decided that it had to be banned. Instant world-wide notoriety ensued.

I haven't seen the others, and what I've read about them doesn't encourage me to seek them out. I do have some taste you know...

"I do have some taste you know..."

Well, It's nice to know, Larry, that if I need to check the ratings for the finer, more tasteful, sort of 'slice 'n' dice' movie, I will know whom to ask!

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