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Thursday, 03 January 2008


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How would you compare it with Branagh's film version?

Infinitely better, although I like Branagh's film very much. It was spoilt, I think, by Keanu Reeves's 'Don John'. When I die, Reeves will be the world's worst actor. Neither did I care very much for Michael Keaton's 'Dogberry'. Even so, Branagh and his 'missus' (of the time) were excellent and the setting, the music and the dancing really provided the right mood. I have always rated Branagh much more highly as a light comedian than a tragedian. However, this stage version is of a very different order of excellence. Beale and Wanamaker, and all of the others, wring every nuance from the text, but do it effortlessly - artlessly. Do try and and see it.

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