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Tuesday, 08 January 2008


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I find your death toll list to grim to read, David. But I note an inquest reported in this mornin's Telegraph: probable honour killing, but the body too decomposed for the police to be able to get the evidence that would let them make an arrest.

Aw! I almost feel bad for putting you in my 'Mad, Bad & Dangerous To Know' links section now.......

Almost ;D

Giuliani creeps me out, but your assessment of the rest of the Republican candidates is spot on.

'DM', yes, it is a grim litany and made worse, in my view, by the deathly silence from 'the usual suspects' who would howl and beat their breasts if the police shot a suspect by mistake. I picked up the story you refer to but at the time it was only an unexplained death. I had my suspicions but decided to wait for "further and better particulars", as they say. I just know that if I put something down as murder and it isn't, 'the usual suspects' will pounce - won't they, 'Ratty', or 'NIB', or Teabag?

'Ill Man' - well, I'm probably mad, certainly bad but, alas, not very dangerous these days. By the way, I just think you're jealous of Giuliani's love life! I certainly am.

I didn't know he had an exciting love life. Frankly, the thought of it makes me queasy.

It's the power thing. You should go into politics Duff, you'll have the middle aged skirt flinging itself at you morning, noon and night.

Possibly, possibly ... I can dream, can't I? ... but what would I do with it - at my age? Don't mention Viagra, it takes nearly a pint of water for me to get an aspirin down, and then I'm up half the night peeing. Life is very cruel!

Another dread thought. If I went into politics I'd have to mix with all those grotesque, preening buffoons as they veered from arrogance to subservience depending upon whom they were addressing. At least I'm a straighforward, copper-bottomed shit all the time!

I don't think people have the energy to respond to your 'list of dead'. As a statistical exposure of the vile and hateful dark side of humanity, I suppose it works. Not so sure it works as an advert for the re-introduction of the death penalty though.

I think you're right, 'Ill Man', but I don't do it in any hope of selling the idea of capital punishment - that's over and done with. My tiny and puny effort is designed to make (a very few) people stop a moment and just take in the wholesale slaughter that goes on in our country. Perhaps it will add a grain of sand to the notion that the punishment should make some effort to match the crime and will perhaps, eventually, force the authorities to stop lying to us when they dish out "life sentences" that only last 10 years. Also, in a somewhat obscure way that even I don't fully comprehend and thus cannot explain, I like to think that my posts are a sort of pathetic memorial to all these victims. Frankly it's a pretty depressing task each day and I'll be glad when the year is up and I can stop.

I've just finished a book that I think will interest you (if you haven't read it already).

'The Abolition of Liberty' by Peter Hitchens, is a great read. As with all books I don't agree with every word and felt like throwing it at the wall once or twice but there are some good ideas in there and it's intelligently and well written, which is always a joy. Best of all it credibly answers the question hovering behind every serious street crime -where the hell are the police?

Clairwil - Peter Hitchens is always a good, by which I mean lively and highly intelligent, commentator. Happily, he writes for the little 'Memsahib's' Daily Mail of which I am permitted a glimpse in return for trudging through the rain morning after morning in order to fetch it. Not the least of his attractions is that he is a man of no party. An extreme Leftist in his youth (like his brother) he has since moved, not to the extreme Right, but to what used to be known as old-fashioned conservative (small 'c') values - not, dare I say, unlike your own personal political journey, if I judge correctly from your blog! Thus, he has no time at all for 'Dim Dave' and his collection of 'all-things-to-all-men-gissa-government-job' creeps.

I am interested in your view that I have "made worse" the nation's murder toll by not discussing it with you to your satisfaction. Except of course, that I do occasionally try to do so, and it invariably proves to be a total waste of everyone's time.

Happy New Year, anyway you awful dessicated old scrotum.

"Larry, dear boy", you are under no requirement to discuss anything with me, whether it be to my satisfaction or not, but given the slaughter on the streets to which you cannot now plead ignorance it would be encouraging, I put it no higher, if some of the 'liberati' would at least admit there is a problem even if they fail to come up with any attempt at a solution. After all, they never fail to have solutions to just about every other ill in the world. Why the silence on this one? Embarrassment, perhaps? No, they are never embarrassed.

Thank you for good wishes and may I remind you that my scrotum may be somewhat dessicated but only after a lifetime's excellent service!

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