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Sunday, 27 January 2008


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Don’t forget are blatant sexism! All sorts of women are voting for Senator Clinton because she is woman.

But it’s all on the Democratic side so it’s OK.

Actually when sub categories are broken down it is a very different picture. Age, economic status, and geographic location seem to have much more to do with it. Race and sex once broken down into sub categories has less effect. But explaining that would make for boring television, what’s more important?

Hank, I'm sure that like most elections it defies any easy analysis and, as usual, I was taking the opportunity for a cheap crack!

More seriously, I wonder who the Republicans would prefer to face in the Autumn? My guess is Obama on the grounds that most blacks vote Democrat anyway, so no loss there, but they might pick up on the Hispanic vote which appears not to like Mr. Obama at all.

I know of no better candiates for a cheap shot than those two.

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