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Monday, 18 February 2008


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Such a broken man may strike a more tangible blow when his court days are over and there is nothing else to lose.

I hope some one watches over him.

Indeed so, 'Bl@bird', but I don't wish to appear overly sentimental. Mr. al Fayed is, I suspect (I don't know because I have never met him), a man capable of great vindictiveness and cruelty who will have very few genuine mourners at his funeral when it comes. However, his mad diatribe at the inquest yesterday was of such a Lear-like magnitude that I felt some stirrings of pity for him.

It is alleged that he has been a crook from the beginning, David, and very possibly ruined Hamilton, and had him jailed, on entirely spurious evidence. There are better men to be anguished about: how vile do you have to be for a New Labour cabinet to refuse you citizenship?

Point taken, 'DM', and as I indicate above, I have no illusions as to his nature. Nevertheless, the echoes of Lear were too striking to be ignored. Of course, Lear's tragedy lies in the fact that having been stripped of everything, his power, his palaces, his anger, his pride and finally his wits, he is then able to 'see' reality for the first time, and as he 'sees' it, he dies.

Sorry, I'm allowing my whimsical side too much leeway, but you have to admit there was something Lear-like in al Fayed's 'performance' yesterday.

Fair do's.

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