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Tuesday, 19 February 2008


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hi, Just stumbled across this blog..
Must say I agree with your comments on Ross Kemp, I never watched him on east enders but have seen him in his " gangs of the world " series.

This series, I think ,has been magnificent and is in complete contrast to the drivel handed out by EL BEEB.

Greetings, Raymond, and welcome to Duff & Nonsense. I saw bits and pieces of him in 'East Enders' simply because the little 'Memsahib' is addicted to it and it's more than my life is worth to attemtp to switch over - or even make a noise! I haven't watched any of his other reporting programmes because the subject matter did not interest me, but being an ex-'Tom' of more years ago than I care to count, I watched his efforts in Afghanistan with interest and I thought it was outstanding. The courage of both him and his cameraman should not be forgotten, either. The 'Vikings' were well served.

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