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Thursday, 13 March 2008


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I dare say O will disappoint them all in the end, but for the time being he has the great merit of having been against the rash and foolish adventure in Iraq. Whereas La Clinton has no merits at all.

Obama is at least likable whereas Hilary is such an awful, boring frump -how she snared charming old Bill I'll never know. If I were her I'd quit politics and write books entitled 'The Frumps Guide To Snaring Alpha Males'. They'd be a hit, she'd make a fortune and the rest of us would be spared her finger hovering over the button. And don't get me started on her appalling dress sense.

I've looked at all the candidates for both parties and my favourite is John McCain. Not because I agree with hi policies but because he appears to be that most rare of creatures- a principled politician.

No doubt he'll turn out to be a total stencher if elected but for now I like the man.

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