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Sunday, 09 March 2008


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Is that an Irish style bacon or the English bacon that is really ham(gammon) or is it proper streaky bacon? Nothing on it but HP? Wouldn't a little cheddar or swiss make it much better?

My favorite sandwich is the bacon, lettuce and tomato on toast with lots of mayonnaise. Bacon must be crisp however and not just warmed as with the English and French.

Only ever proper streaky bacon (not ham), 'FM', and my test is that you should be able to pick it up at one end and snap a piece off. I like it on ordinary un-toasted bread with plenty of butter that instantly melts under the hot bacon and usually dribbles out the corners of one's mouth after a bite. An appalling image, I agree, but Aldershot ("Home of the British Army") was not noted for its gastronomy and courtly manners, and I don't seem to have learned much since!

The humble sandwich has made a huge comeback over here in recent years with all the supermarkets selling them ready-packed, and the 'BLT' is a favourite. All this talk of sandwiches reminds me that one of my favourite cuisines is Scandinavian. Many years ago I had a Danish girlfriend (don't mention it to the little 'Memsahib'!) and I love the way they eat and drink there. In particular, I remember that they seemed not to go in for 'aperetifs', instead you get a shot or three of ice-cold Schnapps with the first course of herrings, and that gets everyone very social in no time at all! Then you go on to the smogasbord with a terrific choice of delicious things to put on a choice of several different breads - absolutely scrummy! I sometimes do it as a Summer supper, never as good as the Danes, but I try.

You really must try and call in during your time here, 'FM', the little 'Memsahib' is a super cook - but don't tell her, she'll only want a raise - and of course, the conversation round here is scintilating, at least, when I talk to myself, which I frequently do, I find it very fascinating!

The treat of my youth was Ayrshire bacon, which these chappies claim to supply.

Thanks for that, 'DM', it is duly logged and I think you have solved several of our gift problems for next Christmas!

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