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Tuesday, 25 March 2008


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Oh hypocrisy, thy name is Duff, and thou art a silly old twat.

Firstly, you do complain. Secondly, you too are a censor, even though you don't admit it.

Whenever someone posts a comment beneath one of your (execrably written) posts in which they use a naughty word, you complain bitterly. You then censor them, and you happily re-write their words leaving them under their original signature.

Of course this behaviour stands in the most marked possible contrast to *your* "right to use any words I find suitable for any occasion" - which, it goes without saying, is sacrosanct!

. Oops - sorry for the italics-gone-mad.

Aagh. Apologies. Cured?

As a semi-admirer of his Doric wit, I'm shocked to hear that he's stooping so low.

"Oh hypocrisy, thy name is Duff, and thou art a silly old twat."

Alas, Dr. Teabag, I am forced to confess to your first accusation but not for the reason you suppose. I do, from time to time, but only after *repeated warnings*, occasionally remove four-letter words from some of my more excitable commenters and I always place such excisions in brackets in the proscribed manner "[...]". What I do not, and would not ever, do, is change someone's text to mean something completely different and leave it under their signature. I cannot quite put my finger on it, because after all these are blogs not works of literature or science, but I consider the practice to be downright deceitful and despicable. it actually makes me half-admire the outright banners.

That said, I *am* a bit of a hypocrite because whilst I admonish my four-letter friends on this blog, alas and alack, in a rehearsal room my language is pure, or rather impure, Aldershot at its worst and quite irrespective of the presence of ladies.

As to the "silly old twat" bit, I'm beginning to think there must be something in it because some people keep calling me it, indeed, some of them never stop repeating themselves, Dr. Teabag! Actually, there is some evidence to support the proposition because I still haven't worked out how to put my comments text into italics, and there you are doing it all over the place. It must be your 'yooniversity edukashun'!

Laban, I never found him particularly witty, Doric or Lothian or otherwise, but he was faintly amusing - but not anymore!

"Finally, his posts are usually written in execrable English which, in anyone else with an iota of self-awareness and a glimmer of intelligence, might give them pause before pontificating in writing for the public."

Well, it never stopped Cllr. Terry Kelly....

True, Julia, but I must confess (this seems to be a thread of confessions) that I am rather fond of the good Councillor who, blithely unaware of the effect he creates, adds enormously to the gaiety of the nation.

Sad to see him rising to the bait. I always feel gentle mockery is the best way to deal with yr nonsense David. Yup!

Gentle, vicious, even vacuous, mockery would do, anything really, except altering people's copy which is the pits! But there again, by their deeds shall you know them!

I'll be honest david, I didn't really notice the difference........("~)

Not sure what that says.....

Mock not!

.....Poor Francis?


Well done, 'Ill Man', I'm slightly surprised that a young man like you picked up the reference to the late, great Frankie Howerd. I was at a business lunch once when he was the guest speaker. He left me weeping with laughter. I remember that his technique was to start a single joke but to wander away from it, cross back over it, veer off in another direction, come back again, then meander away ... and so on for 40 minute or so. Terrific technique - a very funny man!

I have a very soft spot for Frankie Howerd. Add Max Wall,Chick Murray and Les Dawson to the bill and you'd have a perfect show.

Now, must go, the speedway calls.

Speedway! Truly has it been said that all men's hobbies are a total mystery to everyone else - especially their wives and girlfriends!

Yr not the first to react that way........

I have the same feelings about rugby and cricket.

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