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Saturday, 08 March 2008


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If the man wasn't a drug addict, you would be condemning the sentence for being too harsh. Its the disproportionate force issue that got him sentenced.

Hello, 'ZitZit', I thought you had forsworn these premises. Anyway, a tentative welcome back!

As for the murderous swine featured above, I couldn't care less whether or not he's a drug addict, I would have hung him anyway if I had my way.

"...indicated that it should be granted if the defendant could convince some dopey social worker that, 'honestly, guv, I've really given up the 'H'.'"

Well, that shouldn't be too difficult.

"Its the disproportionate force issue that got him sentenced."

Yeah, it was the two knives, I guess. Stabbing her and violating her near-corpse would have been ok if he'd just used one, I suppose...?

Indeed, Julia, but one cannot help admiring his dexterity under the influence of drugs in that he stabbed her twice in the neck and then again in the heart. A careful worker, you see!

Well David, I know you visit my blog and I do visit yours on occasion, so why not leave a comment?

Read the link again Julia before you try sarcasm.

'Try' sarcasm...? I rather think I've mastered it, actually.

I have had soooo much practice dealing with your kind, after all....

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