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Friday, 18 April 2008


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OT David but I thought that I might mention that your gracious information about "The Boot" in Callistock was to no avail. When we called for reservations we were informed that they no longer have a chef and therefore do not offer meals. A disappointment.
FYI Rick Stein's place in Padstow was nice but I think not so good as to rate the prices charged. Everything was nice but my Char-grilled Dover sole was 31 and a half quid. Even the traditional "fish and chips" on the menu was 17.50...

Sorry...also OT but I hope your cold is better. If it makes you fell any better I am sharing the same fate...a healthy English cold.

'FM', sorry about the pub, I shall have words with the little 'Memsahib's' cousin - I mean what's the point of having relatives in the country if their intel is about as good as that from MI6 or the CIA?!

I almost warned you off Stein's place when you mentioned your impending visit, but then again, many people go there almost like visiting a shrine - nice that they can afford it!

Anyway, I saw your pics and reportage from Cornwall and it looks as though you had a good time, but I guess that you're looking forward to some balmy Georgia weather. Safe journey back.

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