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Tuesday, 15 April 2008


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Now if every one just took advantage of that. But the voters who decide the election won’t pay attention to politics until after the World Series. (If there is any justice in the world our Chicago’s Cubs will win, the last time they won a World Series was 1908, once a century is not being greedy is it?) Who knows what they will think is important.

This election requires some>humor. Smile!

"This election requires some humor. "

There's a great deal of humour in seeing the carefully-crafted image of Obama torn up by his pastor, his wife, his own mistakes and words.... :)

I'm loving it!

Hank, you're absolutely right and in fact I had intended to add a line or two pointing out that, whatever, the vast majority of the population would simply vote with its gut, but at least they could not have the excuse that they were fooled or just didn't know. Also, one shouldn't forget the large-ish minority who do pay attention and who are thoughtful enough to switch votes between candidates - they can sometimes be critical to a result. As to "humour", alas, I am feeling just the opposite, as my next post will reveal.

Julia, yes, it's been the best striptease since I was in ... er, well, anyway, B'rack is now fully revealed as just another lying liar.

And this brilliant system elected those Megaduds Bill Clinton and W.

But, 'DM', you must remember that the system does not choose the candidates who volunteer themselves. It only permits the electorate to choose, in the harsh, extended glare of a long campaign, between what's on offer. Would you have preferred Al Gore?

Would you have preferred Al Gore?
Or J. Kerry?

Like trying to choose between a rock and a hard place, Tatyana.

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