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Wednesday, 09 April 2008


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Of course a virus is particularly likely to attack a man. If it specialised in women it'd be called a vira, obviously.

does "whimp" equals "nancy"? and is it higher or lower on the ladder of whimpiness than a "ninny"? and how about "shirley"?

too much tea will ruin your liver. besides, think of all those discharging trips away from your bed you'll have to make, as a consequence.

Memsahib is a kind, caring woman.

Honestly, 'DM', you classicists, soooo pedantic!

Now, Tatyana, it's bad enough I'm on my death bed without you making me doubt my own spelling (a weakness that frequently embarrasses me). I checked, and for once I'm right, it's 'wimp' not 'whimp'. It ought to be 'whimp' from 'whimper' but it isn't. That's the sort of thing we English do just to confuse you foreigners. (On the other hand, you have the Russian alphabet which would confuse a Martian!)

English Lesson: A 'nancy' is not quite the same as a 'wimp' because it has homosexual connotations; where-as 'ninny', I think, refers more to someone who is a bit thick, that is, stupid. I'm not sure about 'Shirley' but I suspect that it is an Australian term and is nearer to 'nancy' than 'wimp'. We Brits have another term similar to 'Shirley' for use against men who are a bit wet or pathetic - 'a big girl's blouse', but be careful where, when and to whom you use it!

As to tea drinking, let me tell you that the British empire was founded on the practice - and, yes, I know we don't have an empire anymore but that is merely a coincidence! "Discharging trips" is a phrase I shall now treasure, and use constantly to confuse the little 'Memsahib'.

Anyway this particular 'big girl's blouse' is off to bed with a disprin!

Oh Dear. What you need is hot water, honey and a couple of slices of lemon. You'll be back on your feet in no time. Get well soon.

The modern world has made you weak Duff! A naked constitutional in the front garden every morning and cold showers thrice daily should keep the malignant humors at bay.


I am glad to see you are well enough to gripe! Always a good sign.

Get well soon.

Clairwil, will you marry me?

Ill Man, you'll have to change your name, I'm now the ill man; and by "malignant humours" I assume you mean the two old biddies who live next door and i can just imagine what they'd have to say if they saw me prancing about the garden 'Harry starkers'!

Thanks, Hank, having a cold makes me even more ratty than usual!

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