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Sunday, 18 May 2008


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My father saw Fred and Adele dance in the West End and still raved about it three decades later. What I learned on my first trip to the States was how generously hospitable our American cousins can be. Dry Martinis at a Manhattan rooftop cocktail party - yippee!

Aha, now I can offer you a book recommendation. Even two.

Jack Finney, Time and again. And the sequel, From time to time.

The book that made me fall in love with NY 5 years before I emigrated - and I 'm still on honeymoon.

Actually to see Fred stepping out - awesome! Mind you, I'm surprised you can remember that much of your Manhattan roof party.

Tatyana, thanks for your recommendation and I have checked him out on Amazon. I will make a note and see if he's in our library - I dare not buy lest my pile of 'To-Be-Read' books topples over and injures me!

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