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Saturday, 24 May 2008


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Your blog is no longer responding to the "view" instruction that makes the font big enough for me to read.

'DM', I have struggled with the system and changed the layout of the post into different paragraphs with different typefaces and font sizes. I leave it to you and other readers to comment.

Para 1: Arial 15
Para 2: Times New Roman 17
Para 3: Times New Roman 16
Para 4: Tahoma 15
Para 5: Trebuchet 15

Personally, I prefer No.3 but deliberately I have a large-ish screen in order to make reading easier. Perhaps on a lap-top it might be too small. I also like No. 1, a very plain but clear typeface in my opinion.

Incidentally, I have deliberately not put any of them in 'bold' because I would like to hold that in reserve for 'expletive deleted' moments!

Let me know your thoughts, people!

#3, and no cursive, please.


Unless there is a reason to do something else I like Times New Roman or Arial.

The type face should not compete with what you are saying, fancy type face only to make what you are saying clearer.

Ms. Clinton may be looking for an executive position soon, she could not do any worse than Labour.


(Interestingly, there was also a report in today's news of a fairly large town in California declaring bankruptcy in order to save itself from its creditors!)

I’ve thought California was bankrupt in a number of other ways, why not financial?

Interesting, the unions want a pay raise. The city says it can’t afford to pay the current salaries and offered a pay cut. The bankruptcy court could order a pay cut. When private companies have done, the bankruptcy court usually slams one or both sides when it figures out who is pulling the BS. At least the law requires some minimum protection for the workers themselves. (Not the union). It could be the start of a big problem, or just hardball labor negotiations. .

And you thought it was weird on your side of the pond.

The font in which the comments appear is ideal, David.

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