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Monday, 30 June 2008


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Probably a good idea to save a copy to Notepad or something before engaging the Spell Checker.

I would if there was any way of actually copying text in typepad as you compose a post! I have asked them twice to no avail.

Public knowledge of your stylistic brilliance (or should I say, incandescEnce?) have reached into the back hemisphere (if we assume the "front" hemisphere is where your study is situated - and why shouldn't we? And I so, so much feel your pain[c]!

For 3 (3 months ) I have been unable to retrieve the bulk of my photographs from a photo-hosting site Faces-dot-com. Here's the epistolary which I finally received from the customer service (that was a full-blown investigation, too, the search for a customer service e-mail):

Thanks for sending in your enquiry.[sic!]
Your message is correct that has been purchased by 3bill. Over the past few months, we've being continually developing a brand new version of the site. Our aim is to finalise our work which will see full functionality restored.

Please bear with us, your patience is appreciated.


Nick Griffin
Symbios Group

My patience is appreciated, you see? That's gotta make it all better!

Tatyana, I have confession to make. Until yesterday *you* were the only American girl in my life and my heart, mind, body and soul were entirely yours (well, except my belly which still belongs to the little 'Memsahib' who fills it so magnificently) but then Colleen (be still my beating heart!) wrote to me from Typepad-ville and explained how I could bypass the Typepad system and copy and paste text from the composition boxes. I think I may be in love!

Perhaps you feel the same way about Nick Griffin ...... er, take that as a 'NO', shall I?

If Nick Griffin would have explained to me how I can bypass their inpenetratable barriers so I can retrieve my property - I might. But Nick Griffin's aim is not in pleasing me, it's in "finalising their work". So you guessed correctly.

And I'm, once again, completely shocked, shocked at the frailty of male attachment. And the prevalence of pedestrian materialism over a deep telepathic connection of souls! [as Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced 'Bouquet') would say]

"the frailty of male attachment"

It's true, it's true - and I am ashamed!

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