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Wednesday, 23 July 2008


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"I mean, what will he become when he grows up?"

Dolphin worrier, probably...

Julia, you crack me up!

Can I suggest that "pomposity and belligerence" might not be the safest lines of attack for you to use against other people? Nor having a tiny willie, for that matter...

Larry, you promised never to tell!

Hail, people of heroes,
Hail, immortal Fatherland,
Your sons were born again
With faith in the ideal.
Your warriors' valour,
Your pioneers' virtue,
David Duff's vision,
Today shines in every heart

Youth, Youth,
Spring of beauty,
In the hardship of life
Your song rings and goes!
And for David Cameron,
Hip hip hooray
And for our beautiful Fatherland,
Hip hip hooray

In the British borders,
Britons have been remade
Cameron has remade them
For tomorrow's war,
For labour's glory,
For peace and for the laurel,
For the shame of those
Who repudiated our Fatherland

The poets and the artisans,
The lords and the countrymen,
With an Englishman's pride
Swear fealty to Cameron
There's no poor suburb
That doesn't send its ranks,
That doesn't unfurl the flags
Of the redeeming Duffism

Really, Duff, such personal attacks are more than a little inelegant and betray the weakness of your position. Do you really think you can cow people by sneering at their personal details on your own blog? That's just a bit sad.

Linking to my own post is particularly laughable seeing as it contains a fairly polite refusal to be your personal researcher. Anyone who links through to it is going to see just what a stroppy, reactionary little prat you are.

Er, thank you, 'PS', I think, for the, er, poem? lyric? whatever, but now I really do think you should just take your pills and go and have a nice lay down, I'll pull the curtains.

But before you do can I point out to you to very gently that it simply is not possible to mount "personal attacks" of any real venom when you out-do us all by writing this self description:

"I'm actually pretty ugly and my penis is smaller than the caucasian average. At 28 years of age I still can't grow a proper beard. However, I'm pretty clever and I'm studying for a PhD in marine biology. I like cats. I'm married to a beautiful kiwi girl from Auckland. I hate the idea of having my own children (there's plenty of people on the planet already) but would love to adopt. My mum rocks. I'm a Green antitheist."

'Nuff said, I suppose!

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