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Tuesday, 19 August 2008


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There is a Russian-American writer (with real books published, so I'm correct in calling him such), who blogs on LJournal, and he has a series of short stories involving barbershops. Bitter-sweet, as the subject requires, of course.

Motives of Samson and Delilah...the lady barber[ess]...the Figaro...that brings us to football fans. Oops, sorry!

I guess, for men bloggers writing about barbers is equivalent of shoe-blogging for women-blogggers.

Different trims for different hims! Some of my friends are most particular about their barbers, or hair stylists, as they call them, and will spend £30 or £40 per session! I don't get it myself, I mean, a hair cut is just a hair cut; a bit like trimming your toe nails, necessary but not something you would wish to waste too much time on.

Now, Mr. Duff - a good pedicure cost that and then some. Money well spent - ask the esteemed Memsahib!

Yes, yes, Tatyana, but I'm talking men here not you ladies for whom all the rules change!

It was the happiest day of my life when I found a silent hairdesser. Bliss! Other than to discuss hair not a word passes between us.

Give me her name - I want her to have my babies!

(By the way, did you get my e-mail ref gardening?)

The Memsahib would never forgive me!

I did get your email after a bit of searching.
Your generous support may be called on over the coming months. Happily tomorrow Noel Edmonds is footing the bill!

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