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Saturday, 30 August 2008


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"at the end of what most Americans see as a failed Republican administration"

The vote will tell David. Let's not get to overwrought with Lady Palin just yet. There seems to be an undercurrent of "she won't stay on the ticket until November" brewing. More's the pity. As more and more Republicans realize that she was forced on McSame by the ultra religious right there will be some fallout in the ranks. Of course there are lots of "Americans" who would rather vote for Satan himself than a black man but there should be enough folks fed up with the GOP to turn the tide. It will be an interesting two months.
And thanks for the link BTW.

Here's a rash moment I may well regret, but I'll bet you, 'FM', a bottle of single malt against a bottle of Jack Daniels's best that McCain wins. Let me know if we're on.

Incidentally, 'FM', I was down 'your' way this week, about 5 miles from Cotahele.

It rained!

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