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Friday, 22 August 2008


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Your usual insightful analysis.

I took your advice and bought a copy of Dreadnought. It’s size and weight are seriously destabilizing my “to be read pile.” In view of this post I would like to return the compliment and recommend>The American Way of War. When I first read it I was a little disappointed because it was only fantastic, not the tremendous that most of the reviews said.

It puts a real context on the way the US military does things when it has the choice. And why things can go right or wrong. Undoubtedly you can recite all the details of the UK/US high command bickering during WW II. This provides a good explanation of why the US military understood the situation the way it did and what it wanted do about it.

My summary: The American way of war is Neo-Clausewitzean without having read Clausewitz.

P.S. It assumes a little background on US military history but Wikipedia should be sufficient for any background on US wars you never heard of.

Thanks, Hank, I need another book like a hole in the head but I have seen Weigley's name referenced in other military histories, so I had better get it. Incidentally, an enormous thread over at the Volokh Conspiracy on whether or not there was a real threat of a Japanese attack/invasion on the West Coast, the internment of American/Japanese and the ins and outs of Midway. I ventured in a couple of times but the heat of battle was too fierce and I beat a retreat!

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