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Monday, 11 August 2008


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Most Russians are indeed very pleased with this nasty little war. Russian TV channels, all under Kremlin's control, are running pictures of hospitals full of injured Ossetian cilivians, terrified Ossetian refugees and their bombed out houses. And many who don't care about Ossetians are happy to remind the US - and the rest of the world - who is the boss in North Caucasus

Szeni, I am sure you are correct. Unfortunately, when it comes to international affairs in general, and war in particular, it is necessary to look at things very clearly and coldly. You cannot re-act as you would normally do as a fellow human being. For example, I saw on Sky News an elderly lady standing outside the wreckage of her home with blood pouring from her head. She looked utterly lost and bewildered and I keep thinking about her and wondering how she fared. But if you are a statesman you are only responsible for your own people, not people from another country, and you must act in that way. (That is why I could never be a politician!)

Anyway, the fact is that the Russians have got exactly what they wanted, and even more important, they have sent a very clear message to others. If I was Ukranian, I would have my bags packed ready to move at short notice.

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