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Friday, 08 August 2008


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Just yesterday we were watching a video presentation at work, taken from youtube a Discovery film about building of the Bird's Nest National stadium in Beijing.(Modern Marvels series). It was a couple years old (the construction wasn't completed at teh time). The price ticket quoted in the film was $400 BILLION.

Some one please pass me a sickbag!

A co-worker's correction: he thinks it was a mere $40 bln. It's my notorious megalomania again! They are much, much more prudent with people's money!

To understand the scale of this madness, here's just one detail: the Chinese had to develop - and test and test and test - a special steel, for the existing ones wasn't structurally suited for combined forces at work: usually the steel beams are straight, and those that comprise the Bird's Nest exterior are curved.

If you ever had to solve one structural 'vector of forces' equasion, you'd have an idea of just HOW mad these people are.

Maybe, Tatyana, but as far as I'm concerned the Chinese government can be as stupid and profligate as they like with their own money, what fills me with 'fear and loathing' is the knowledge that this whole ghastly travesty is heading for London in 4 years time! Aaaaargh!

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