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Wednesday, 20 August 2008


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The Blessed Oliver thinks that taxpayers should subsidise opera, but not Concorde.

"Concorde was a subsidy from British and French taxpayers to the rich and powerful"

And what's opera ?

I guess state subsidy is good if it's for something he likes. Just shows he has his little hypocrisies like the rest of us. It's a shame he can see no beauty in engineering. I'll lay odds more people have derived pleasure from Concorde than from the ROH.

Laban, I am a bit pushed for time so I will follow your links a little later. Howewver, you are quite right, these little chinks in Oliver's armour are necessary to remind us all that, despite appearances, he is human!

I used to live near Heathrow and Concorde was a regular 'fly-over', incredibly noisy but I forgave it everything because of its beauty. All the government subsidies that were shoved its way should have been re-named as an Arts Council Grant!

Unless I'm missing something, NONE of your tax is going towards the price of a seat at Covent Garden. And you don't strike me as the type to buy lottery tickets, so you can subdue your raging incandescence.

But, Larry, where *does* the funding for it come from?

Larry, the Arts Council receives a mixture of government money (or *my* money as I fondly think of it) and Lottery money. From their website:

"Between 2006 and 2008 we will invest £1.1 billion of public money from government and the National Lottery in supporting the arts."

The Lottery, of course, is one of the greatest swindles perpetrated on the British public ... but I'll save my rant for another occasion.

I like your incandescent rage. I think you wear it well. Keep up the "I.R.", is my opinion!

The Lottery, of course, is one of the greatest swindles perpetrated on the British public...

A tax on those who can't do maths, to be exact.

Yes, 'SW', the occasional attack of it is good - it reminds me that I'm still alive!

Tim, how right you are. I seem to remember someone explaining that the odds of a win were roughly 14m:1. I'd rather back an outsider at a Selling Plate. Of course (he added pompously) I never buy a lottery ticket, myself - but if the little 'Memsahib' ever wins I'll certainly grab my half!

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