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Saturday, 23 August 2008


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Please, no, not McCain! Haven't we suffered enough?!

Mr. Duff,

I have been wrong in the past (and well recall those moments) but given Mr. P's bio I "think" that he, Mr. P would prefer an old Cold Warrior as his prospective chess opponent than he would an Unknown Warrior.

In the American media it has been widely disseminated that Mr. McCain "forgives" his NVA captors, while reserving that same for the Power that supplied that Proxy.

As you note, " He has retaken two microscopic bits of the earth's surface which contain not a single thing of worth or interest to anyone apart from its unfortunate inhabitants."

And of course pawns do not garner much ado. That is unless this game of chess can be looked at through the lens of a spectator sport rather than one which takes place out of the public view.

Uh oh, Mr. Duff,

I have extended a pawn (this time just a pawn) into harm's way. And left an obvious opening.

In June (I think on the 17th) there was gun camera footage from what was reported to be a Russian Su-25 shooting down a UAV operating off the coast of that other province, not Ossetia-truth be told, I can't spell it-but the configuration of that UAV was such that it could only have been manufactured or obtained from one of two places.

So I think perhaps the opening gambit was not a Queen but maybe a Rook. One of the players apparently misinterpreted that this was a significant event on the board, then went on to present, without due regard, "opportunities?"

Occasionally a message ignored from one player to the other presages that, ignoring the Rook might result in the use of the Queen. Perhaps a Knight would have sufficed but a Knight can find itself stranded.

(I say purportedly from an Su-25 because from some differences in aircraft cockpit layouts, the shot might've been taken from another version.)

Mr. Duff,

Sometimes it occurs that my memory plays tricks on me. I think things happened more recently than the actual event actually occurred. Sometimes I disagree with what some "authorities" suggest which, in this case my previous aircraft "ID" question remains. You of course, determine my veracity.

I previously stated that this shootdown occurred in June. Well, it was April, at least in this case. But I know I've seen footage somewhere as I described it, it may simply be that for whatever reason I am "unable" to post it.

I've not dealt with posting links on your site Mr. Duff, I hope it works.

If this doesn't, Reuters posted it April 21, 8:02 EDT am. Too, Reuters reports the aircraft as a MIG-29, but they agree with my assessment that it was Russian.

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