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Sunday, 07 September 2008


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Take heart Mr. Duff,

You will not be the "worst political forecaster of all time" although you may qualify as a tying one.

One of the reasons I try to avoid betting.

Thanks, 'JK', you make me feel better about myself!

Hey David,

I was on another comment section of some other blog and (as always) astutely researching for relevant statements from current politicians in the "thick of things" to illustrate something when I came across a quote I thought, "aha, David needs this."

"Let me start off by saying that in 2000 I said, 'Vote for me. I'm an agent of change.' In 2004, I said, 'I'm not interested in change—I want to continue as president.' Every candidate has got to say 'change.' That's what the American people expect." —Washington, D.C., March 5, 2008" George W. Bush.

I'll check back in for the appropriate thanks, I'm engaged.

Good ol' 'Dubya', smarter than he looks!

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