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Monday, 08 September 2008


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It's interesting that the last two Democrrats to win the presidency both had the kind of small town backgrounds that provokes such contempt in the party nowadays. They don't seem willing to nominate candidates from outside the beltway anymore.

The Republicans generally nominate whoever has the best chance to win the election whereas the Democrats nominate whoever is the most ideologically in line with their metropolitan base.

Shrewd point, Ross. I suspect something similar has happened here with nu-Labour infiltrated by know-nothing apparatchiks who have no connection to the electoral constituency that they are supposed to support and nurture, and when one does rear its ugly head and say something along the lines of there are too many immigrants, or whatever, they flee in disgust and terror.

Incidentally, I really must get round to putting your site on my blog roll. I always enjoy it - not least because, unlike me, you make your posts short and to the point!


Off subject.>The Parachute Regiment in Afiganistan.

Thought you might be interested.

Thanks, Hank, see post above.

Thanks for being added to the blogroll.

My pleasure.

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