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Friday, 03 October 2008


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Best wishes on your anniversary. Your bride is surely a sainted woman for putting up with the likes of you for such a time. Madam and I just passed 35 and we too are now 'good friends'. Madam has finally accepted the fact that I am not going to change my stripes and I have learned that trying to make me change is her greatest joy. It is a nice balance.

Thanks, 'FM', I look back on it all and still can't quite believe my luck!


Congratulations to you and your bride.

May you have another 44 that are even better.

I suppose we had a similar date.

Are your bets the same David?

Better yet,what odds? Mum gives me the "if you do this..."

Mr. Duff, you guarenteed a McCain win?

October third you know, I won't remind you what I said on another "site."

Well. Maybe I will. "It's the economy stoopid."

Hank, thank you but you're fired - see above!

'JK', you're right, I did forecast a McCain win but the 'Curse of Duff' has fallen upon him - personally, I blame Hank - see above!

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