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Friday, 17 October 2008


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UNFAIR: Ms Coulter is far prieter than I am I do not have chance. :- )

If you check the chart today it shows a small movement by both candidates’ numbers to the middle, they must have heard your complaint.

That chart I have displayed has the advantage that it always posts their latest numbers without any action by me. I think it the weakest of the polls to which I provide links. If you click through they always include some outlying polls that show a lean to Obama.

The Rasmussen link goes to a daily tracking poll. They poll a thousand people every night and the reported results are for the last three days combined. This is considered on of the best tracking polls. It shows a 4 to 5 point difference.

Ms Coulters comments on the “Bradley Effect” are right on. The trouble is there is no way to measure it in advance.

The comments about pressure to not appear Republican or Pro McCain are real too. I sit in our break room for lunch and Obama’s supporters make political comments in a tone that suggests offering a mild counter point would be immediately augured down by volume. (I think Senator Obama would be embarrassed by their comments. Well he should be.)

So what is going to happen? On November 4 we will hold an election and on January 21 George Bush will not be President.

There is only about two good toddies in my bottle of MaCallan so the election needs to come on. Your bottle of Jack is sitting here but I haven't packaged it for international shipment just yet. Madam and I have cast our ballots early though so we know at least two votes are in the bag for Obama.
If it gives you any pleasure you should know that my neighborhood is plastered with McCain/Palin signs and my GOP neighbors are doing an excellent job of removing the occasional Obama/Biden sign that has the nerve to show its face.

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