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Wednesday, 08 October 2008


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So what's your point? Nothing there that says we don't have a problem just that some are rather more evangelistic than might be considered absolutely non biased.

Er, that *was* my point, 'FM', except that I would rephrase "some are rather more evangelistic than might be considered absolutely non biased" as 'some are lying liars from whom it would be foolishness bordering on idiocy to buy a used-car, let alone a 'scientific' proposition. The fact that it came from one of their allies merely adds weight to the extreme caution one should employ when dealing with the prognostications of either of them.

Hi there Mr. Duff, I was wondering if you could lend a helping hand. I remember that not so long ago, you were telling your readers about the wonder and excitement of American democracy.

I've been watching the election coverage, but I'm still a bit confused as to who to root for. Perhaps you could put up another post explaining how the American political system is so brilliant at electing the best leader possible, so I can get a steer?

And by "a steer", I don't mean "a great big cow", ha ha! Thanks!

"And by "a steer", I don't mean "a great big cow", ha ha!"

It's the way you tell 'em, 'PK', each one a polished gem of undiluted wit - oh hell, my spell-checker's not working again!

I assume from your somewhat sardonic tone that you prefer the North Korean, or perhaps, the Zimbabwean, system of democracy. Whatever, I cannot, alas, help you in choosing who "to root for"; nor, of course, did I ever suggest that the American system was "brilliant at electing the best leader possible", even assuming that there was some set of criteria that would define such a being. All I suggested was that American democracy provided the best means of showing the American people the nature of the various candidates, even if they were left with a choice from a collection of dead beats!

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